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The following list explains the content of our Web pages. Briefly and somewhat ambitiously stated, our purpose is to inspire a “civic awakening” among our fellow American citizens. Rather than our defining what we mean by that statement, decide for yourself by perusing the pages on this site from time to time.

  • The Grand Jury: What grand juries in California and elsewhere do, what they don’t do, what they should do, and the civic consequences thereof, with particular emphasis on civil grand juries in California
  • Civic Commentaries: Musings about self-government and related topics
  • Civics Education and Home Schooling: Selected resources for home-school parents and students at large
  • Local Government Facts: Examples of facts about selected local government services in California and, occasionally, elsewhere
  • Library: Previous postings of selected editorials, commentaries, and related material
  • About Us: A brief history of the American Grand Jury Foundation and its purpose
  • Terms of Use: How materials may be used, our privacy policy, accuracy of data, security, and advertising

Website Disclaimer

Thoughts about the ubiquitous use of the phrase, “grand jury.”

Given its long life and civic saliency, one might expect that the phrase “grand jury” might serve many purposes other than what you will find on this Web site. For example, you will see these revered words in the names of associations that confer awards for artistic achievement, real or imagined, such as the leading movie of the year. The words are also found in campaigns to question the natal legitimacy of presidents; one also sees them in the names of punk rock bands and on Web sites announcing awards conferred on clothes designers and manufacturers and who knows what else. If, when you search on “grand jury,” you find such titles, please do not confuse them with or the American Grand Jury Foundation. We have affiliations with no other organization, association, political party or campaign, or anything else that might come to mind.

We do not endorse, oppose, or link to any group, association, or individual. What we have to say, celebrate, or complain about, we do so on this Web site—not through any other medium. We trust that our visitors, being prudent, fair minded, and knowledgeable, will not conclude that, if they see the words “grand jury,” “grand,” or “jury” on other Web sites, we must be linked to them. And if you see “American Grand Jury Foundation” as a link on other Web sites, we have not granted permission to do so, nor do we necessarily endorse them or they us. When, and if, we ever establish such a relationship, our viewers will be the first to know.


The American Grand Jury Foundation is dedicated to encouraging responsible and effective interventions by grand jurors and other citizens into local government affairs. It pursues its objectives though a nonpolitical and nonpartisan research and publication program.
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